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Custom Bag

Custom Bag

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Please Read!

*These are random stock images not owned my us. Your bags will be made with the same materials as the album bags on the site*

No album images! We do not accept album cover submissions. Celebrity images are only accepted as fan edits (e.g. collages) Other than that , feel free to use any APPROPRIATE image you like!

Explicit images are NOT allowed. If you upload an explicit image, your order will be cancelled, your money will be refunded, and you will not be able to purchase a custom bag from this site  

Processing time: 4-8 calendar weeks (not business weeks/days)

If you don’t automatically see the upload button, scroll down. If purchasing more than 1 bag, please upload all the images you want to use at once.

Please note, your image may have to be cropped to fit the dimensions of the bag (Tote: 16in x 17in, Medium handbag: 13in x 11in). If you want your image cropped a certain way, you should resize it before upload. You will receive either a text message or email containing the proof image of your bag. 

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